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Powlton.net is a collection of web pages covering topics of interest to me as well as a directory of websites I have created since completing a Bachelor of Computing at Deakin University in 2004. I am John Powlton an aussie hetrosexual with a typical male perspective of life. Life began with an interest in aussie rules footy, brass bands, rock/pop music and pushbikes. My teenage years are best described by the title of the first album I ever owned, "Sex, Dope, Rock n Roll - Teenage Heaven" released by Melbourne band Daddy Cool in the early seventies. I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne living in Footscray, Yarraville and then Sunshine before a 2 year working holiday took me interstate in the late 70's.

Sex Dope RocknRoll Teenage Heaven

At primary school I was one of an elite group of kids who played in the Hyde Street School Band, at ages under 12 we won Victorian School Band Competitions against secondary school kids. We played at every home game Footscray Football Club played at the Western Oval and at many other ceremonies like Anzac Day, Moomba March and we even recoded music for the sountrack of an ABC christmas special one year (I think this was 1970).

Boys in the band

Study was an unknown thing or entity at Footscray Tech, riding our motorbikes, skateboarding, listening to music, watching re-runs of Number 96 or going for a surf were the priorities. Everything was more important than attending class we knew when to attend for roll call, my mates and I were wagging more classes than we attended but we all did enough to pass. It was great being at the age when you could slip into a pub for a beer and still buy a half price ticket at the pictures or for the trip home from the city on the train.

My age is not important but needless to say I was the oldest in my class at University. If you must know I have had 29 twenty first bithdays and this year I will celebrate a milestone, my first twenty second birthday. Before undertaking computer studies I was an Electrical Contractor experienced in robotics and automation as well as lifts, cranes, steam boilers, furnaces and heavy production machinery. For those who still dont know my age and those who are interested I have created a CV page outlining my experience and formal qualifications

Directory of the Powlton.net Website

My older webpages are still available from my ISP Home Page, I will be relocating the content to this site as time permits. The old site has pages on Land Rovers, EFI projects, a Camira rebuild and Radar detectors OR visit the new site Radar Rip Off

I have developed several websites and a searchable database covering the Colac Otway Region of South West Victoria, a Victorian Search Directory and several other projects based on LAMP technologies. You can see the details of all the completed websites and those currently under development on the Directory Page.

What services do I offer? From my home office I provide a web development service that can provide everything a small to medium business client needs to remain competitive in their market place, be that a the local community or the whole world. We don't build webpages we develop eCommerce solutions, more details are available on the Contacts Page.

Well I am sick of having Weblogs all over the Internet, the old weblogs will be put to rest and a new one will replace them all. What format will it have? However it happens. What topics? Anything I feel like. Will it be any good? You can tell me here.

Over time I have put together a lot of information about the Powlton Family founded in Australia by John Powlton an English immigrant and his Australian wife Annie Joesephene Lamprell as well as my mothers family the McCoids. The information located to date is available on the family page if you have information about either of my parents families please contact me or submit your information directly to my weblog.