CV of John Powlton - Lastest update Feb 2009

Formal Education

Formal Qualifications

Employment History

In November 1975 I started an apprenticeship as an Electrical Mechanic in the diverse manufacturing plant of Mytton Rodd Ltd. This included a press shop, fabrication, welding and manufacturing of stainless steel products, a non-ferrous metal mill, jewellery and silverware. Many products like cutlery were produced in-house from raw or scrap material processed into rolled coils of various sizes to be pressed. Pressed pieces were then polished before finishing with silver-plating.

I changed employer for the final 6 months of my apprenticeship to gain domestic and commercial wiring experience. I completed my apprenticeship in November 1979 and I was granted my A grade SECV shortly after. Within a short period of commencing with A Z Ajax I was placed in charge of a small commercial project involving 3 other employees. I was the last man put off when work declined.

In early 1980 I started working for AP Morling training to be a Lift and Crane mechanic. Studies were completed at RMIT along with workplace training that permitted me to obtain a restricted Lift Mechanics Certificate of Competency.

In 1981 to 1982 I had a holiday travelling Australia working in the maintenance department of a Gold Mine then the Abattoirs in the Northern Territory before travelling to NSW to begin employment as an electrical foreman at the construction site of Bayswater power station near Muswellbrook.

Returning to Melbourne in 1982 I was employed by Otis elevators. After in-house workplace training I passed a test that added Otis elevators to my lift ticket. As a lift mechanic I needed to be conversant with complex circuitry. Daily work duties included all electrical and mechanical repairs. This included breakdown repairs, fault finding, regular service and retrofitting of elevators on a set schedule.

An opportunity to be trained in the Steam Boiler industry was taken up in 1983 and the experience gained allowed me to become a qualified boiler attendant and engine driver. Unfortunately the General Energy went into receivership after a short period of time.

During 1984-85 while employed by Du Pont Australia as service technician I had exposure to industrial electronics. The work involved electrical and mechanical service and repair of equipment used by the consumers of Du Pont's products.

1985-87 GEC Robotics - Robotics service installation engineer. My role in the management of robotic projects included the design, specification, tendering for supply, development, commissioning, and training of customers reporting directly to the head of department.

1987-89 I contracted myself to Allen & O'Brien Electrical on projects and shutdowns around the Altona Petroleum Complex. I also completed robot installations for several companies including GEC Robotics.

I relocated my family to Colac for a change of lifestyle in March 1990 and I became the proprietor of Andrew Dare Electrical in September. Starting with 2 unqualified employees the business prospered despite several financial setbacks.

On the advice of Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service in late 2000 I decided to return to full time study at Gordon TAFE. To capitalise on my existing experience in computers I decided to study Information Technology, passing Certificate 4 in December 2001 and completing my Diploma in December 2002.

I was accepted by Deakin University to study Computer Science in 2003. I was awarded 12 credits for previous studies and I elected to study Off Campus. In November 2004 I completed a Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science and Software Development) majoring in Information Systems.

I have worked as a sub-contract 'Electrical Mechanic Special Class' for Gordon McKay Electrical of Geelong since April 2006. I start the plant and provide coverage for electrical breakdowns between 5.00am and 7.30am Mon to Fri on automated meat processing plant at CRF Colac. My contract with Gordon McKay will ceased in September 2007.